Fragile and shattered
like fragments of scattered glass 

cracked and broken 
lay the shell of her former self
for she wore her demons like clothes

the lines and creases on her face told the story of her past
the blinding and foolish emotion known as love had hurt her 
one too many times
she loved him still through everything

she was too cracked and broken for him to see 
that he was the missing piece of her almost perfect puzzle 
and instead of fixing her 
he left her, broken and open 
afraid that if he stayed he would shatter her more

by abandoning her he left her hurting 
left her defeated and broken.
she would never be whole again 
part of her would forever be gone 
but it was this imperfection 
that made her simply perfect

If only she had seen that was the case 
then she wouldn't have remained as broken as she did

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