Back with a bang

So I only just realised today that the last time I was on here was 2014 which is crazy to me. Oh how the time flies.  Since 2014 I have grown so much and experienced so many different things,and I connected more to who I am truthfully. One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is that you should never hold onto something that is no longer within your grasp the same way that you don’t ever hold on to a person or a friendship that isn’t working anymore. I’ve lost my fair share of friendships over the last year or so and when it happened of course it hurt me because none them ended on particularly good terms but looking back now i see that it was all for the better and that honestly i was cloning on to something that didn’t even exist. I wanted to spend time with people who no longer cared for me any more. I read something a quote a while back, I don’t remember it exactly but the message basically was that being honest doesn’t get you lots of friends but it gets you real ones. People that I ended with throughout this year couldn’t handle my honesty and my opinions and I have come to realise that they aren’t true or real friends because real friends see the truth and accept your opinion for what it is and don’t try to undermine you or make you sit in silence. I guess what I’m saying is never be afraid to be yourself even if you feel that you isn’t good enough because trust me you is always good enough and people who try to tell you otherwise are insecure and can’t handle the fact that your unique and true because they aren’t able to do the same.

I might share some of my experiences with friends and people( obviously not naming people) because it probably will be a good experience for me. If you like the idea don’t be afraid to comment and tell me!


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