Stresssssss………. floundering fish

Stress seems to be the only word i can think of at the moment. I have come through a patch in which I have had so much to do i can barely think for myself let alone keep myself balanced and have a healthy lifestyle. Help because i feel like like a flounder floundering in the sea, its crazy. On the bright side though i have had a little bit more time to focus on writing, mainly writing songs and music because its fun. I going to be brave therefore and share a little bit of something that i have written so here goes:
” ooh why cant you love me,
why do you break my heart
three words you’ll never say
to me.”

and a chorus snippet
” and it feels like i’m free falling at 100 miles per hour
and nothings gonna slow me down”

i feel like i’m being crazy sharing this and now i feel very self conscious but please comment what you think of them or not thats up to you.
so in theory stress is both good and bad because it is difficult but it compels you to do better and strive to achieve what you want, and often the result that you can achieve are more pleasing than you want. i hope that the next blog posts will be better than this so I’m sorry that the stress hasn’t really helped with this. tomorrow i hope to write a blog post on achievement because I wish to share my opinion with you.