I know halloween isn’t really that big of an occasion however i still find myself getting exited about it, not the trick or treating part i can’t stand that but the concept of it. The awesome costumes that you get to wear, and sort of being a young child again,or the parties that you throw for you and your friends which takes hours to plan but always turn out to be really fun. But most importantly scaring yourself to death watching halloween movies that blow your mind. I recently watched the movie Halloween which i didn’t find all that bad, however the tension in it due to the music was commendable.At least i thought it wasn’t to bad until the final 15 minutes in which i found myself clinging the arm of my sofa like a child hoping that it might protect me from the horror which was Michael myers. Despite that i still felt dumbfounded that he could bend the laws of physics by being stabbed three or four times, shot 6, fall off an outside balcony and survive for many more sequels. The whole point in halloween is to be scared and horror movies certainly do the trick. I find it more funny that people might be terrified for the their whilst watching a horror film and many more days after yet still want to watch more, i find myself funny in that way as well. Generally when it comes to horror films i find that the sequels are never as good as the first film so i can not bring my self to understand why they(the film industry) would want to bring out hundreds and hundreds of sequels and spin off’s, its like they almost couldn’t think of anything better to do. However despite my criticism of this i think you will find that i am an avid horror film fanatic as i do always-its tradition- watch one or to on halloween to raise the spirits until christmas.
On Halloween i always try and i hide myself from the trick or treaters that come to the house as i can actually never be bothered to buy candy just to hand it out to little children. I know that sounds really mean so i think i will just take that back. Moving forward,i was told a while back by my friend that people don’t come to your house if you don’t leave a pumpkin outside so the next year i did what she told me. Guess what, they still came it seems people in my area don’t care about the pumpkins they want the candy and disturbing someones horror film filled evening by ringing the doorbell is their aim to do so. So in conclusion i really am exited about halloween this year and i do actually like it except for the whole trick or treating nuisance but that well that is just my opinion


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