Existential Crisis

I know i am not exactly suffering from an existential crisis but i am suffering from complete boredom. Whilst days off are few and far between i find myself becoming increasingly bored when i am stuck at home with nothing but the fruit to keep me company. Believe me i have tried everything, however after endless hours of agatha Christie and CI my brain has been ground into a bunch of deformed coffee beans. It was at this point, after my hundredth green tea that i realised that work and school weren’t actually that bad, at least then you feel as though you have something important to do.
No don’t get me wrong i myself am a serious procrastinator and dream of a full year of holidays so this discovery was in fact surprising to myself. I do love the holidays so believe me when i say holidays and vacations are still very much needed in a persons life however saying that work is not important and that you wish that life was one big party is totally and utterly WRONG. just joking don’t worry. Honestly though can you believe how boring life would be if all you ever did was stay at home and watch t.v and then go to parties all the time, eventually the parties are going to become so boring that you will want to hibernate with the animals.
Anyway back to the point today has been a serious mindfuck for me and i think that rather than sharing my boredom with all of you thus making your days more boring also i will look for inspiration in the one valid source that i know will prevail all else. MIRRANDA. So i wish all of you people a very happy day and i am sorry that i haven’t been on this in ages. I’ve been going through a serious cave man fase and now that i have returned to the land of the living i realise what i have been missing out on.
See ya



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