orange is the colour of today and i can already see the people on my street putting out pumpkins afraid for their lives if they don’t, afraid they might be egged my annoyingly loud children in ridiculous costumes. I’m sorry i just really needed to get that one out of my system, venting your anger to people on the internet often helps i find, well for me anyway maybe not you. I created my own private blog today on google blogger to stop things like me venting my anger to you lovely people, clearly i need to re think that concept as i can see that it hasn’t worked at all in my favour.
Recently i started watching this show called awkward, i don’t know if you have heard of it or not but it is just a typical show about a girl in high school exploring herself and whilst when i watched the first episode i thought that it was quite funny, after watching about twelve over the past week i have come to the conclusion that all the episodes are very similar and boring and to be honest i don’t want to waste my precious time with something that will only bore me to death more than i already am at the moment. I don’t know if that is the same with all american t.v shows, please don’t get me wrong i am not saying that it is but i just wonder, since i don’t generally watch a lot of t.v, i am not so into it as one might say. The only thing i do watch avidly though is the apprentice. So before i get off topic and start warbling i need to finish what i was going to say ,which i have totally and utterly forgotten. No worries i don’t think that it was of much importance anyway.
I feel like i haven’t really got a topic for this blog today, it is more like a spontaneous piece of writing where i put down everything that comes into my head. I know that is a bit hectic and unorganised but my life is like that and i can imagine that no one can keep to the same schedule all the time( only saying this so that i don’t feel as along in that train of thought).
Now before i bore you to death like my self i will end this post as i think that it isn’t going anywhere and i cant broaden on the specific topic seeing as there is none. So thanks to anyone who read this and i sincerely hope it wash’t that bad. If it was then i do apologise and promise that i will try not to spontaneously blog anything and everything that comes to my head again.



I know halloween isn’t really that big of an occasion however i still find myself getting exited about it, not the trick or treating part i can’t stand that but the concept of it. The awesome costumes that you get to wear, and sort of being a young child again,or the parties that you throw for you and your friends which takes hours to plan but always turn out to be really fun. But most importantly scaring yourself to death watching halloween movies that blow your mind. I recently watched the movie Halloween which i didn’t find all that bad, however the tension in it due to the music was commendable.At least i thought it wasn’t to bad until the final 15 minutes in which i found myself clinging the arm of my sofa like a child hoping that it might protect me from the horror which was Michael myers. Despite that i still felt dumbfounded that he could bend the laws of physics by being stabbed three or four times, shot 6, fall off an outside balcony and survive for many more sequels. The whole point in halloween is to be scared and horror movies certainly do the trick. I find it more funny that people might be terrified for the their whilst watching a horror film and many more days after yet still want to watch more, i find myself funny in that way as well. Generally when it comes to horror films i find that the sequels are never as good as the first film so i can not bring my self to understand why they(the film industry) would want to bring out hundreds and hundreds of sequels and spin off’s, its like they almost couldn’t think of anything better to do. However despite my criticism of this i think you will find that i am an avid horror film fanatic as i do always-its tradition- watch one or to on halloween to raise the spirits until christmas.
On Halloween i always try and i hide myself from the trick or treaters that come to the house as i can actually never be bothered to buy candy just to hand it out to little children. I know that sounds really mean so i think i will just take that back. Moving forward,i was told a while back by my friend that people don’t come to your house if you don’t leave a pumpkin outside so the next year i did what she told me. Guess what, they still came it seems people in my area don’t care about the pumpkins they want the candy and disturbing someones horror film filled evening by ringing the doorbell is their aim to do so. So in conclusion i really am exited about halloween this year and i do actually like it except for the whole trick or treating nuisance but that well that is just my opinion


The theme in question today is about heartbreak and how difficult love can be i think that these quotes surmise heartbreak although they are quite opposing:
‘If you don’t fight for what you want, don’t cry for what you lost’
‘Sometimes you have to give up on people. Not because you don’t care, but because they don’t anymore.’
Recently I came to terms with what actual heartbreak is and I fully realised how difficult is. Its not a nice place and despite going through tubs of ice cream and listening to hate songs it was still hard and then trying to go back to those memories is still painful for me now.
In the first quote in my opinion is saying that if you give up on love too easily there is no point crying over it as it wasn’t properly there in the first place. I think that it means that unless you prove your love to someone then you haven’t fought for what you wanted crying over it is pointless as you didn’t truly get to express how you felt for a person and therefore how were they able to know how you felt.
In the second quote i believe that it is saying that you can’t force love because you can’t chose who you love. Trying to force love will more likely than not force the person away from you. You shouldn’t give up them because you don’t care but because they don’t really care for you, and them caring for you isn’t really a reality. sometimes you can convince yourself of something that isn’t really there and it is worse when you come to that realisation so thats what the quote is saying. Don’t make it hard on yourself, if a person doesn’t honestly care for you, give up on them to stop the heartbreak being greater.
i know that i haven’t really shared anything personal with you but i feel like i have because describing that second quote was like describing the heartbreaking experience i had, and i think it was important that i said something about it but re living the memory really was painful. So before i give you my life story i want to say thanks to all of you who have read this and also to stay true to yourself because all of you deserve love


Existential Crisis

I know i am not exactly suffering from an existential crisis but i am suffering from complete boredom. Whilst days off are few and far between i find myself becoming increasingly bored when i am stuck at home with nothing but the fruit to keep me company. Believe me i have tried everything, however after endless hours of agatha Christie and CI my brain has been ground into a bunch of deformed coffee beans. It was at this point, after my hundredth green tea that i realised that work and school weren’t actually that bad, at least then you feel as though you have something important to do.
No don’t get me wrong i myself am a serious procrastinator and dream of a full year of holidays so this discovery was in fact surprising to myself. I do love the holidays so believe me when i say holidays and vacations are still very much needed in a persons life however saying that work is not important and that you wish that life was one big party is totally and utterly WRONG. just joking don’t worry. Honestly though can you believe how boring life would be if all you ever did was stay at home and watch t.v and then go to parties all the time, eventually the parties are going to become so boring that you will want to hibernate with the animals.
Anyway back to the point today has been a serious mindfuck for me and i think that rather than sharing my boredom with all of you thus making your days more boring also i will look for inspiration in the one valid source that i know will prevail all else. MIRRANDA. So i wish all of you people a very happy day and i am sorry that i haven’t been on this in ages. I’ve been going through a serious cave man fase and now that i have returned to the land of the living i realise what i have been missing out on.
See ya