Long time no see

I realised today that i hadn’t been on WordPress in over a week, i have just been so busy clearing things and all sorts. I find that generally when you need a break that is when you are the busiest i dunno that was just me trying to be clever and you know failing !! ANyway The other day i was thinking about how we have the capacity to become bored easily which is why little children always have to occupied. Think about it how would you fare a whole day sitting down with nothing to do , no one to talk to and in a room that was completely empty. I think that this is probably one of the reasons that we are a technologically advanced species, the most out of all other living animals. Of course i don’t think that that is the only reason but i think that is one of the reasons for the amount of technology we have. Boredom is very easy for us Humans even thought sometimes we can be the most lazy. Yeaaaay. I fall into the boredom trap a lot where i just sit there and think what can i do and even when i have thought of something viable i cant seem to find it interesting enough. Anyway i should probably apologies because i you know i had run out of subjects to talk about i don’t think that this has really come out the way i wanted but as the motto i live by its better to try and fail than not to try at all which i believe is very true.


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