Across The Universe

Today I decided to set myself the task of watching Le Voyage A Biarritz, an black and white movie in french without the subtitles. My french really isn’t very good, so having got through half of it i still had absolutely no clue what was going on. I realised after finishing the film that it wasn’t that my french was bad, it was just I didn’t/don’t have enough knowledge of conversational french. In schools we are constantly taught how to conjugate Verbs in all the different tenses under the sun, given sentences to use for the specification in exams. Whilst this is all extremely useful if you then decided to go to france it would be extraordinarily difficult to strike up a conversation with a french person in the same way as that of an english person. You simply wouldn’t have enough knowledge on conversational french to keep up with what the person was saying. I am not trying to imply that this happens to everyone, of course there are some people who are exceptionally good at languages but for someone who was learning french and wanted to spend some time in france, it would’t be as easy as hoped. Also having thought about it i came to the conclusion that most foreign students seem to be better at picking up english or speaking it than we would ever be. I realised that this was because for them english is one of the main languages in the world and it opens up opportunities in life that wouldn’t be possible if they weren’t able to speak english. However because it is our native language do not need to learn it and so for us learning a language such as french is not treated as importantly. So therefore to us or me anyway being able to speak french  fluently as a goal appears to be across the universe and almost out of reach.


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