Long time no see

I realised today that i hadn’t been on WordPress in over a week, i have just been so busy clearing things and all sorts. I find that generally when you need a break that is when you are the busiest i dunno that was just me trying to be clever and you know failing !! ANyway The other day i was thinking about how we have the capacity to become bored easily which is why little children always have to occupied. Think about it how would you fare a whole day sitting down with nothing to do , no one to talk to and in a room that was completely empty. I think that this is probably one of the reasons that we are a technologically advanced species, the most out of all other living animals. Of course i don’t think that that is the only reason but i think that is one of the reasons for the amount of technology we have. Boredom is very easy for us Humans even thought sometimes we can be the most lazy. Yeaaaay. I fall into the boredom trap a lot where i just sit there and think what can i do and even when i have thought of something viable i cant seem to find it interesting enough. Anyway i should probably apologies because i you know i had run out of subjects to talk about i don’t think that this has really come out the way i wanted but as the motto i live by its better to try and fail than not to try at all which i believe is very true.

Pet peeves

Before I discuss what intend to discuss, have they updated this website because the layout seems to be different. Anyway on to other topics I am sure it wouldn’t be interesting to read about what i thought was different so yeah. I thought that i might look at Pet Peeves, only because i have quite a few and i know that there are a few universal ones and it can be seriously annoying. some of my pet peeves include, people clicking their fingers, biting there fingernails,going through a red light, and people who read out loud what they are writing in an email etc. For me the worst is when people click their fingers because it makes the most horrible sound, i cant stand the noise that it made. Also the concept that the person is almost moving their bones in their fingers for no apparent reason sort of makes me feel strange It isn’t a nice concept moving bones. Secondly people who bite their finger nails, a) i find that it really doesn’t look very nice, and b) surely it isn’t good for the actual fingernail doesn’t it ruin how they grow or something. thirdly when people go on a red light it just annoys me ,i mean if they are colour blind thats one thing but if they have good eyesight can they not see that it is a red light and they are not allowed to bleeding drive it just puts them in danger of a car accident. Finally i don’t like when people read out what they are typing i just feel that it is unnecessary and i just don’t see why you would feel the need to share your conversation. So that is really all, i don’t know what your guys are but if you feel like telling me please just comment to this blog and i will enjoy finding out what you don’t like.

Across The Universe

Today I decided to set myself the task of watching Le Voyage A Biarritz, an black and white movie in french without the subtitles. My french really isn’t very good, so having got through half of it i still had absolutely no clue what was going on. I realised after finishing the film that it wasn’t that my french was bad, it was just I didn’t/don’t have enough knowledge of conversational french. In schools we are constantly taught how to conjugate Verbs in all the different tenses under the sun, given sentences to use for the specification in exams. Whilst this is all extremely useful if you then decided to go to france it would be extraordinarily difficult to strike up a conversation with a french person in the same way as that of an english person. You simply wouldn’t have enough knowledge on conversational french to keep up with what the person was saying. I am not trying to imply that this happens to everyone, of course there are some people who are exceptionally good at languages but for someone who was learning french and wanted to spend some time in france, it would’t be as easy as hoped. Also having thought about it i came to the conclusion that most foreign students seem to be better at picking up english or speaking it than we would ever be. I realised that this was because for them english is one of the main languages in the world and it opens up opportunities in life that wouldn’t be possible if they weren’t able to speak english. However because it is our native language do not need to learn it and so for us learning a language such as french is not treated as importantly. So therefore to us or me anyway being able to speak french ¬†fluently as a goal appears to be across the universe and almost out of reach.