Sunday night

So its late in the evening but i sort of forgot about doing my blog and now only have a while to do it before my internet shuts off!! arrg why does that have to happen. Anyways Sundays are never really very exciting i find, there isnt much to say about them so i thought i might take the time instead to say thank you to the people who are liking my posts and following me because it means alot that some people have taken the time to read mainly my nonsense. so THANKYOU to everyone. Namely : poems and people, a worried student, intistar, Yarnspinner, oceanna56, igamemom, Humanity777, christian Mihai, lauraagudelo272, dr heather, Jakewilson, doodles invigorate, ksfinblog, and arriacross. Who have all either liked or followed my blog. If i have forgotten to mention anyone please comment below and i will put something in my next post about you. I will then have live with the fact that my memory is slowly going and will feel terrible that i didnt mention you. By the way i love all of your blogs and if i am not following you please comment and tell me because then i will, and also feel much much worse. 


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