Saturday in the park

Yes i did spend my saturday in the park, and before you think i’m a sad loner with no friends i would like to point out there were 70 odd people with me true they were ranging from around 4- 40 but i still wasn’t alone. we(me and my family) were at a school fair which wasn’t amazing but it was something to do with other people. This made me realise how much humans depend on the company of other human beings, on having friends or people to surround them. Imagine being by yourself all the time, we’d probably end up trying to make conversation with a grey wall our lives wouldn’t exactly be exciting, so therefore are the people around you what you depend on in your life? what would a small child at school do if they had no friends to be with, most likely they would be sad wouldn’t they? So then technically we must be the least independant species on earth, I mean if you think about it with a lot of animals the parents leave their children at a young age but with humans it is until at least 18 i should think. of course it depends on what kind of person you are. Also its amazing I think the amount of people who leave home because they have a problem with their parents again showing our need for company. Would anyone really like to be alone? Would you? If given the choice would you go out with your friends or stay home by yourself? 


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