So i know one would usually see the letters T.G.I.F but i thought i would change it accordingly to come out as thank goodness for fridays(tgff) I don’t know what i would do without Fridays. Having said that only today did i realise that i was following my own blog which is only a little bit embarrassing, however i still cant figure out why i cant seem to unfollow my self!!  I was having a moment of thought to myself today before the usually hustle and bustle of people and I started to think about how different i would be if i had a) made different decisions in my life and b) had different interests. For example to delve into my mind to a while back if i had chosen a different secondary school to go to the one i went to the experiences i had weren’t exactly nice but they shaped me as person and made me understand the difference between real and fake friendships. However had i chosen a different school would i have spent the rest of my life not knowing how to cope with disappointment or not having to deal with things going wrong sometimes. Also me being mad keen for 60’s pop music, what i would be like if the style of music I liked was more up to date. Would i have been as unique would I have fit in better. The second one most probably but for me being unique is part of life and that is what makes you different from the rest of the world, if there were no different personalities imagine how boring everyone would be, and no one would ever know who was better for a job. All in all after pondering for a while i realised whilst i resented some of the poorer decisions in my life i wouldn’t be the person i am today so i am actually quite Grateful.


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