Suarez Bites Back……..Again

So I thought that i might shed light on the current footballing situation since the world cup is here and almost at the group stages. I read today about yet another incident to do with the whole Suarez and his apparently cannibalistic tendencies. This time he decided to release his rage on a poor italian player namely Giorgio Chiellini. Last time and remembered very clearly he released this rage on the unsuspecting Branislav Ivanovic , this resulted in an immediate 10 match suspension. Also before I forget to mention In 2010 he bore is fangs on Otman Bakkal being banned for 7 matches. I honestly don’t see why a clearly talented football player such as himself needs to go and bite other people. He surely must know that there consequences to actions such as these and i would have thought that you wouldn’t want to jeopardise your footballing career in that way. So in spirit of this i went on yahoo and read a story about this, and snooping as i always do i read all the comments to see what the general public thought of this incident. It was all much the same going through it, things were being said like ‘ Its a disgrace’ and ‘ He has put shame upon himself and his country’  you get the picture. Anyway i was scrolling down the comments when i stumbled upon one that said this ” In my view it was the correct person to bite if anyone, Chiellini really did deserve that hammering”  My first reaction upon reading this was that the person must be joking, but he seemed to be taking it very seriously. So it worried me slightly but then again lots of people seem to worry me on a daily basis. I guess the moral to this is you learn something new everyday, especially about the views the people of Great Britain take on their football


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