Monday Monday

Its Monday……….. because everyone loves monday. Anyway I haven”t really had a good run today, my brain hasn’t been functioning properly so i have run out of things to say or think you know. Today i heard an inspiring quote so whilst I don’t have lots to say I’ll share it.     The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible- Arthur C.Clarke. I think it is saying that you must reach the impossible before you know where the limits in your life lie, not just that It is saying that nothing is beyond you, nothing is impossible. If you have a dream to do something you keep trying and trying until you reach your ultimate goal and only then will you know that there were no limits of possibility, there were only limits in the impossible. You wont know until you try and that only by achieving the impossible do we fully grasp what is possible in our life. It is the most important thing to have goals and then going above and beyond the goals in life is what will truly show us who we are and what we are capable of !!

sorry about how short this is but i have just been so tired and apparently stringing a sentence together in my own language is an impossible task so i promise that i will try and make my next few posts a lot better

Sunday night

So its late in the evening but i sort of forgot about doing my blog and now only have a while to do it before my internet shuts off!! arrg why does that have to happen. Anyways Sundays are never really very exciting i find, there isnt much to say about them so i thought i might take the time instead to say thank you to the people who are liking my posts and following me because it means alot that some people have taken the time to read mainly my nonsense. so THANKYOU to everyone. Namely : poems and people, a worried student, intistar, Yarnspinner, oceanna56, igamemom, Humanity777, christian Mihai, lauraagudelo272, dr heather, Jakewilson, doodles invigorate, ksfinblog, and arriacross. Who have all either liked or followed my blog. If i have forgotten to mention anyone please comment below and i will put something in my next post about you. I will then have live with the fact that my memory is slowly going and will feel terrible that i didnt mention you. By the way i love all of your blogs and if i am not following you please comment and tell me because then i will, and also feel much much worse. 

Saturday in the park

Yes i did spend my saturday in the park, and before you think i’m a sad loner with no friends i would like to point out there were 70 odd people with me true they were ranging from around 4- 40 but i still wasn’t alone. we(me and my family) were at a school fair which wasn’t amazing but it was something to do with other people. This made me realise how much humans depend on the company of other human beings, on having friends or people to surround them. Imagine being by yourself all the time, we’d probably end up trying to make conversation with a grey wall our lives wouldn’t exactly be exciting, so therefore are the people around you what you depend on in your life? what would a small child at school do if they had no friends to be with, most likely they would be sad wouldn’t they? So then technically we must be the least independant species on earth, I mean if you think about it with a lot of animals the parents leave their children at a young age but with humans it is until at least 18 i should think. of course it depends on what kind of person you are. Also its amazing I think the amount of people who leave home because they have a problem with their parents again showing our need for company. Would anyone really like to be alone? Would you? If given the choice would you go out with your friends or stay home by yourself? 


So i know one would usually see the letters T.G.I.F but i thought i would change it accordingly to come out as thank goodness for fridays(tgff) I don’t know what i would do without Fridays. Having said that only today did i realise that i was following my own blog which is only a little bit embarrassing, however i still cant figure out why i cant seem to unfollow my self!!  I was having a moment of thought to myself today before the usually hustle and bustle of people and I started to think about how different i would be if i had a) made different decisions in my life and b) had different interests. For example to delve into my mind to a while back if i had chosen a different secondary school to go to the one i went to the experiences i had weren’t exactly nice but they shaped me as person and made me understand the difference between real and fake friendships. However had i chosen a different school would i have spent the rest of my life not knowing how to cope with disappointment or not having to deal with things going wrong sometimes. Also me being mad keen for 60’s pop music, what i would be like if the style of music I liked was more up to date. Would i have been as unique would I have fit in better. The second one most probably but for me being unique is part of life and that is what makes you different from the rest of the world, if there were no different personalities imagine how boring everyone would be, and no one would ever know who was better for a job. All in all after pondering for a while i realised whilst i resented some of the poorer decisions in my life i wouldn’t be the person i am today so i am actually quite Grateful.

Of Cliches!

this is one of the most truthful things i have heard today


Prompt ~

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One swallow does not make a summer ~Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC)

Matter precipitated out of void as a materialization of thought of the supreme-one. It was energy transformed in its subtlest form. A human eye (if it had been there) would have perceived it as very fine mist. It comprised of all that was needed to create life.

Soon after, there was a violent storm. It almost extinguished the probability of life. It was the subsequent thought that may have looked like spectacular cosmic phenomenon – death of a star.

A thought made life possible so why one swallow does not make a summer.

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There is only o…

There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing. –Aristotle

i thought that i would share this quote by Aristotle because it holds a lot of truth. What ever you do in your life, any decisions you make and anything you do, there will always be a person there ready to criticise you. Therefore you should not be afraid of criticism, it will always find you. Just be confident in your decisions and you shouldn’t have to worry what other people think. If someone is afraid of Criticism how will they be able to achieve the life they want, or pave the road they take, it is important that you strive to be the best version of yourself possible and as long as you are happy with that it is of no relevance what other people might say about you. Generally(for me anyway) people criticise you because they feel themselves jealous of all the things you have accomplished, and you should take this as a positive what other people say shouldn’t affect you so much that you can never see the light of day again. Be yourself and those who can accept that are the ones that are really there for you.

Throwback thursday

In light of the fact its thursday today i thought that it might be nice to do the throwback on thursday. I decided to think back to one of the most embarrassing things i have done. This being running into a clearly visible glass door. I was late for class or whatever it was i was still running, so at the end of the corridor there was this glass door and on this door there is a huge purple splurge, so clearly visible. Yet instead of using my brain i ran straight into the door. Not only that but there were some 6th formers there who just didn’t stop laughing at me so for an eleven year old child it was pretty terrifying. the moral to this story i guess is don’t do anything embarrassing it will just come back to bite you when you do a throw back thursday

Suarez Bites Back……..Again

So I thought that i might shed light on the current footballing situation since the world cup is here and almost at the group stages. I read today about yet another incident to do with the whole Suarez and his apparently cannibalistic tendencies. This time he decided to release his rage on a poor italian player namely Giorgio Chiellini. Last time and remembered very clearly he released this rage on the unsuspecting Branislav Ivanovic , this resulted in an immediate 10 match suspension. Also before I forget to mention In 2010 he bore is fangs on Otman Bakkal being banned for 7 matches. I honestly don’t see why a clearly talented football player such as himself needs to go and bite other people. He surely must know that there consequences to actions such as these and i would have thought that you wouldn’t want to jeopardise your footballing career in that way. So in spirit of this i went on yahoo and read a story about this, and snooping as i always do i read all the comments to see what the general public thought of this incident. It was all much the same going through it, things were being said like ‘ Its a disgrace’ and ‘ He has put shame upon himself and his country’  you get the picture. Anyway i was scrolling down the comments when i stumbled upon one that said this ” In my view it was the correct person to bite if anyone, Chiellini really did deserve that hammering”  My first reaction upon reading this was that the person must be joking, but he seemed to be taking it very seriously. So it worried me slightly but then again lots of people seem to worry me on a daily basis. I guess the moral to this is you learn something new everyday, especially about the views the people of Great Britain take on their football

The First

So i guess this is what if feels like to blog, having the power to write what you want to right in the hope that someone will acctually take notice. It is really much more daunting experience than i would have thought. My blogs will generally be about any topic really hence the fact i named it quizzicalnonsense. Each time i blog there will be a different theme for example one week i could suddenly think oh its thursday why dont i do the theme throwback thursday as that might be a good idea. I know this is really boring but its the first post so i thought i would just explain my blog. Not exciting i understand, and if you want to break free the please do but you might just miss out on all the wonderful life experiences i can share with you( or myself). I hope people do choose to read on and trust me when i say next time this will be so much more interesting. I promise